Year Code Title Author(s) No. of pages
1961 WG1/1/61 Classification des modes de deformation et des types de rupture M. Jentet N/A
1961 WG2/1/61 CNRM - Study of properties influencing the behaviour of the material during sheet metal forming process - N/A
1961 WG2/2/61 Current Swedish Research relating to formability of metallic materials H. Hoffstedt N/A
1961 WG3/1/61 Review of the activities of the Dutch DDRG since May 1960 J.H. Zaat N/A
1961 WG3/2/61 Joint Cupping Test under auspices of IDDRG J.H. Zaat N/A
1961 WG3/3/61 Factors affecting Deep Drawing J.H. Zaat N/A
1961 WG3/4/61 Possible objects of Tests Groups J.H. Zaat N/A
1961 WG3/5/61 French proposal: Embouti representatif des pieces de carrosserie M. Jentet N/A
1961 WG3/6/61 Draft Survey of the Erichsen Test G.B. T'Veen N/A
1961 WG3/7/61 Test results with different testing method J.F. Wallace N/A
1961 WG3/8/61 Test results with different testing method P.E. Lagasse N/A
1962 WG2/1/62 Progress report on Swedish research relating to formability of metallic materials - N/A
1962 WG3/1/62 Survey of the replies on the inquiry 10.4.61 (05.07.62) - N/A
1963 WG1/1/63 Qualitative Survey of the Elements of the Sheet Metal Forming Process BDDRG N/A
1963 WG2/1/63 n, the work-hardening exponent R. Pearce N/A
1963 WG3/1/63 Swedish proposal for a deep drawing test with pure stretching - N/A
1964 WG1/1/64 Use of grids for Strain Determination S.P. Keeler N/A
1964 WG2/1/64 Relation entre les facteurs r et n les essais d'emboutissage M. Wybo 14
1964 WG2/2/64 The Variation of Mechanical Properties and Cold Forming Test Results in Rimming Steel Sheets L.W. Crane; J.C. Wright N/A
1964 WG2/3/64 1. Contribution a l'etude de la mesure des caracteristiques d'ecrouissage et d'anisotropie des toles d'acier extra doux G. Jegaden; J. Voinchet; P. Rocquet 26
1964 WG2/3/64 2. Contribution francaise a la recherche commune du GT2 G. Pomey; M. Grumbach 40
1964 WG2/3/64 3. Contribution italienne a la rechereche commune du GT2 S. di Bartolo N/A
1964 WG2/3/64 4. Testing of sheet metal within the IDDRG WG2 C.S. Schneider 13
1964 WG2/3/64 5. Test Results obtained in Sweden H. Hoffstedt N/A
1964 WG2/3/64 6. Contribution Benelux a la recherche commune du GT2 L. Lilet; M. Wybo 45
1964 WG2/4/64 Correlation between Fukui Cup Test and Mechanical Properties Determined with a Stepped Tensile Specimen J.R. Newby N/A
1964 WG3/1/64 Preliminary Report on the Short Term Cooperative Test Program (IRSID-EM 783) G. Pomey 68
1964 WG3/2/64 Progress Report on General Program of Cooperative Tests (IRSID-EM 766) G. Pomey N/A
1964 WG3/3/64 Tension Testing of Drawing Steel Sheets R. Heyer; D. McCabe 8
1964 WG3/4/64 Deep Drawing Tests - Experimental Results; Comments and Proposals O. Swann N/A
1964 WG3/5/64 A note on the importance of Punch Diameter and Sheet Thickness in measuring Drawability (2 notes) S. Von Marinelli N/A
1964 WG3/6/64 Lubrication in the Swift IDDRG Cupping Test (IRSID-EM 826) G. Pomey N/A
1964 WG3/7/64 Studies on Tensile Test specimens and New Recording apparatus for Sheet Metal S. Fukui; K. Yoshida N/A
1964 WG3/8/64 Inquiry on Use and Interest in Various Deep Drawing Tests for thin sheets G. Pomey N/A
1964 WG3/9/64 Progress Report from Japan JSFRG N/A
1965 WG1/1/65 Correlation of Press Performance with Tensile Properties Report on Cooperative Research Programmes of USA Committee N/A
1965 WG1/2/65 Determination of Forming Limits in Automotive Stampings S.P. Keeler N/A
1965 WG1/3/65 Report from the Japanese Research Group JSFRG N/A
1965 WG1/4/65 Shape Fixability of Steel Sheets in Press Forming K. Yoshida 10
1965 WG1/5/65 Effect of Mechanical Properties of Steel Sheets on Shape Fixability in Press Forming Test K. Takahashi; N. Nakajima 23
1965 WG2/1/65 A rapid and accurate method of determining the work-hardening exponent n of mild steel sheets G. Jegaden; J. Voinchet; P. Rocquet 18
1965 WG2/2/65 Discussion of report 8A/65 R.W. Heyer N/A
1965 WG2/3/65 Tension Tests of Low Carbon Drawing Steel Sheets R.W. Heyer N/A
1965 WG2/4/65 Systeme d'enregistrement de la courbe log-log M. Grumbach 4
1965 WG2/5/65 1. Progress report from Japan S. Fukui; JSFRG N/A
1965 WG2/5/65 2. The Influence of speed of testing on n S. Fukui N/A
1965 WG2/6/65 1. Influence of cold reduction rate on r J. Calberg 44
1965 WG2/6/65 2. Influence of A1 content in killed steel on r and n J. Calberg N/A
1965 WG2/6/65 3. Influence of hot rolling procedures on the mechanical properties of cold rolled strip L. Renard N/A
1965 WG2/7/65 1. Some Observations on the Relation of the Upper Yield Point to the Formability of Annealed Steel Sheets G.M. Goodwin 3
1965 WG2/7/65 2. The Use of a Two-Step Tension Test in Production Testing G.M. Goodwin 10
1965 WG2/8/65 Le coefficient d'ecrouissage n de l'acier extra doux. Des differences methodes de mesure J. Voinchet N/A
1965 WG3/1/65 Summary of the Report on the Short Term Cooperative Testing Program. Results on Strain Ratio and Strain Hardening Determination and of Drawability Tes G. Pomey N/A
1965 WG3/2/65 Une methode de reference pour la determination du coefficient d'anisotropie r CNRM N/A
1965 WG3/3/65 Essai Swift avec film plastique M. Grumbach N/A
1965 WG3/4/65 Draft Preliminary Report on General Program of Test Comparison G. Pomey N/A
1966 WG1/1/66 An Approach to a Classification System for drawn parts at Svenska Stal Pressings. A.B. Olofstrom, Sweden V. Kukkoken; I. Olsson N/A
1966 WG1/2/66 Friction and Lubrication in Sheet Metal (One day colloqium of Institute of Sheet Metal Engineering) BDDRG N/A
1966 WG1/3/66 Studies of practical application of Yoshida's Forming Classification K. Yoshida 11
1966 WG1/4/66 Studies of practical application of formability testing for hot-rolled steel sheet and plate and the availability of the testing method for production D. Yamamoto; T. Fukase; K. Moriya N/A
1966 WG2/1/66 On the useful ductility and toughness of metals M.J. Hiller 10
1966 WG2/2/66 Rolling Textures in iron and steel C.A. Stickels; R. Clark N/A
1966 WG2/3/66 Some aspects of the press-formability of commercial purity zinc sheet R.T. Derricott; J.C. Wright N/A
1966 WG2/4/66 Tensile and press forming properties of four stainless steels in the annealed condition A.J. Griffiths; J.C. Wright N/A
1966 WG2/5/66 The plastic anisotropy ratio "r" and the work-hardening exponent "n" in relation to the drawability of sheet metal Report on joint work of WGII, IDDRG 31
1966 WG2/6/66 Sheet metal forming in Japan S. Fukui; K. Yoshida; S. Kobayashi N/A
1966 WG2/7/66 Relationship between the behaviour of a range of aluminum-magnesium alloys in uniaxial and biaxial tension R. Pearce; P.G. Joshi N/A
1966 WG2/8/66 Effects of Two-Stage Cold Rolled Annealing Process on Deep Drawability of Low Carbon Rimmed Steel Sheet K. Matsudo; T. Shimomura; Y. Yashimoto N/A
1966 WG2/9/66 Remarque sur la communication WGII/10D/66; J. de Lacombe N/A
1966 WG3/1/66 Comparaison de quelques essais d'emboutissage - resultats du programme general d'essais en cooperation du groupe de travail III G. Pomey 56
1966 WG3/2/66 Report of task group for tension test methods - ADDRG J.W. Stewart; J.R. Newby; D.L. Harper N/A
1966 WG3/3/66 Preliminary Report on a collaborative investigation into the influence of variables in the Eriksen Test when using Polythene film Lubrication L.R. Hawtin; G.R. Burrows; BDDRG Test Panel 7
1966 WG3/4/66 Ductility, its Measurement and Relevance to Sheet Metal Forming Operations R. Pearce 16
1966 WG3/5/66 Caracterisation des toles minces pour emboutissage profond au moyen de nouveaux parametres CSM N/A
1966 WG3/6/66 A Proposed Earing test for Sheet Metal J. Willis; J.C. Blade 6
1966 WG3/7/66 A method for obtaining r value by Reflecting Method S. Fukui; N. Takada 4
1966 WG3/8/66 Assessing Normal Anisotropic Plasticity of Sheet Metals M. Atkinson N/A
1966 WG3/9/66 Measurement of Strain Hardening and Plastic Strain Ratio using the circle-arc Specimen R.H. Heyer; J.R. Newby 12
1966 WG3/10/66 Mesures pratiques des caracteristiques intrinseques des toles d'acier extra-doux G. Jegaden; J. Voinchet; P. Rocquet N/A
1966 WG3/11/66 Le n-metre appareil pour la mesure autometrique du coefficient d'ecrouissage M. Grumbach; A. Guimard; G. Pomey 8
1967 WG1/1/67 Projet de standarisation des principaux symboles utilises dans les etudes sur l'emboutissabilite IRSID N/A
1967 WG1/2/67 Commentary on classification of nomenclature S.P. Keeler N/A
1967 WG1/3/67 Draft proposals for nomenclature - N/A
1967 WG1/4/67 Modes de deformation d'emboutissage - N/A
1967 WG1/5/67 Draft recommendations for slides - N/A
1967 WG1/6/67 Specifications of symbols used in deep drawing research (revision of DDR/WGI/11A/67) - N/A
1967 WG1/7/67 Tables of modes of deformation in deep drawing (revision of DDR/WGI/11C/67) - N/A
1967 WG1/8/67 Table of sheet forming nomenclatures (revision of DDR/WGI/11E/67) - N/A
1967 WG1/9/67 Polar diagrams of planar stresses in an isotropic material - N/A
1967 WG1/10/67 Recommendations for slides (revision of DDR/WGI/11E/67) - N/A
1967 WG2/1/67 The effect of temperature on the 'r' value of commercial purity aluminum R. Pearce 4
1967 WG2/2/67 The relationship between the plastic strain ratio 'r' and the angle <<phi>> measured in a tensile test on ta range of materials R. Pearce N/A
1967 WG2/3/67 The influence of aterial properties o nthe forming of non-ferrous metal sheetolloquim organised by BDDRG - N/A
1967 WG2/4/67 The measurement of strainhardening in sheet metals J.L. Duncan N/A
1967 WG3/1/67 Recommended procedure for the Swift Cupping test L.R. Hawtin; Minutes of meeting of WGIII ad hoc sub group Sw N/A
1967 WG3/2/67 IDDRG recommended method for the practical measurement of r-value / Rapport d'activitie du group ad hoc "Coefficient d'anisotropic normale r" - N/A
1967 WG3/3/67 Determination of the limiting drawing ratio in cup-drawing tests C. Weidemann N/A
1967 WG3/4/67 Unterausschub fur unlegierte baustahle untergruppe feinblech und band zur kaltumformung internationale arbeitsgemeinschaft zur prufung der tiefziehbar Spieker N/A
1967 WG3/5/67 BDDRG test panel-Second report on a collaborative investigation into the influence of variations in lubrication conditions in the Erichsen test L.R. Hawtin; G.M. Parkes N/A
1967 WG3/6/67 Formability index G.M. Goodwin N/A
1967 WG3/7/67 Tensile testing-revision of standards with particular reference to I.S.O. R86 M. Atkinson N/A
1967 WG3/8/67 The dependence of the penetration depth in the Erichsen-test and the Swedish pure test of the sheet thickness and of some test procedure variables C. Weidemann N/A
1967 WG3/9/67 Pure Stretching Test SDDRG N/A
1967 WG3/10/67 Measurement of Strain Hardening in Sheet Metals J.L. Duncan N/A
1968 WG1/1/68 Friction and Lubrication in the Deformation Processing of Metals Y. Kasuga; K. Yamaguchi 16
1968 WG1/2/68 The instability and Formability of Pre-strained Sheet Metal in Press forming K. Yoshida; K. Miyauchi N/A
1968 WG1/3/68 The Use of Solid Polymer Films as Lubricants in Deep Drawing H. de Goede; S. Von Marinelli N/A
1968 WG1/4/68 The Effect of the variation of Strain paths on the Fractur Strains of Steel Sheets Sumitomo N/A
1968 WG2/1/68 An improvement on the drawability of 18-Cr stainless steel sheets I. Gokyu; K. Suzuki 8
1968 WG2/2/68 Development of deformation texture and changes in plastic anisotropy in pressforming H. Kubotera; K. Nakaoka N/A
1968 WG2/3/68 The formability of A1 killed Deep Drawing Steel as Controlled Through Annealing Hultgren; Fromann; Barclay N/A
1968 WG2/4/68 Behaviour of Coated Sheets in Laboratory Deep Drawing Tests BDDRG N/A
1968 WG3/1/68 Swift Test Panel - Recommended Procedure for carrying out the Swift Cupping Test - N/A
1968 WG3/2/68 Effect of tension testing factors on the determination of strain hardening exponent n in steel sheets; Recommendation for a standard method ADDRG 45
1968 WG3/3/68 Anisotropy Ratio Panel. Recommended Procedure for the measurement of r - N/A
1968 WG3/4/68 Investigation into the reproducibility of the modified Erichsen Test A. Persson N/A
1968 WG3/5/68 Progress Report from Japan JSFRG N/A
1969 WG3/1/69 Strain Studies on two drawn stampings by means of a photo-chemical marking grid system W. Muschenborn 20
1969 WG1/2/69 La courbe limite d'emboutissage J. de Lacombe 4
1969 WG1/3/69 Contribution a l'etude des limites de formage en expension biaxiate A. Rault; H. Faure 37
1969 WG1/4/69 Application des courbes limites de formage des toles a des pieces d'automobile Tong Cuong 16
1969 WG1/5/69 Determination of Forming Limit Diagrams R. Pearce 2
1969 WG1/6/69 see also DDR/WGI/18F/69 Review of research projects within the field of sheet metal production forming and testing (Swedish DDRG) C. Weidemann 7
1969 WG2/1/69 Determination du coefficient d'ecrouissage defini par <<0 + K^n>> - application a l'aluminum et se alliages P. Vigier 5
1969 WG2/2/69 Courbes rationelles de traction des aciers inoxydables austeniques J. Lefevre 11
1969 WG2/3/69 Correlation of Grain Size and Tensile Properties of Zinc R. Pearce N/A
1969 WG2/4/69 Aronson work on Stress-Strain Curve and dislocation density H. Hoffstedt N/A
1969 WG2/5/69 Progress report from Japan JSFRG N/A
1969 WG3/1/69 Recommended Procedure for Performing the Swift Cupping Test L.R. Hawtin 4
1969 WG3/2/69 Compte rendu d'une reunion tenue a la S.A. Sollac - Etude du probleme de la determination du module d'ecrouissage n M. Wybo 5
1969 WG3/3/69 Essai de gonflement hydraulique - resultats du questionnaire IRSID N/A
1969 WG3/4/69 Some aspects of electro-chemical grid-marking R. Pearce; I.C. Drinkwater 9
1969 WG3/5/69 A note on the definition of r C. Weidemann 4
1969 WG3/6/69 Revision to text of DDR/WG3/13C/66 (see also A proposed earing test for sheet metal) J. Willis; J.C. Blade N/A
1970 WG1/7/70 Note sur les limites de formage M. Grumbach; G. Sanz N/A
1970 WG1/2/70 Courbe limite de formage de l'aluminum A5 from Pechiney Voreppe C. Crussard N/A
1970 WG2/1/70 Aptitude a l'emboutissage des alliages refractaires P. Martin N/A
1970 WG2/2/70 The stress/strain curves for various metals and their correlation with formability K. Yoshii; I. Kokobu; H. Komorida; S. Okazaki 64
1970 WG2/3/70 Mechanical Significance of X value in sheet metal and workhardening exponent n under equibiaxial tension and their application to the assessment of fo K. Yoshida et al. N/A
1970 WG2/4/70 Notes from the meeting of the ad-hoc Group on Austenitic Stainless Steel on 9th, June 1969 H. Hoffstedt N/A
1970 WG3/1/70 Report of the ad-hoc group "n-value" M. Wybo N/A
1970 WG3/2/70 The determination of the anisotropy ration r, for tin-plate M. Wybo N/A
1970 WG3/3/70 Reports on Japanese research activities: 1) On the present situation of studies on the hydraulic bulge test; 2) Standardisation of methods for det - N/A
1970 WG3/4/70 Bulge-test Procedures in the U.K. D. North N/A
1971 WG1/1/71 Notes on the production and measurment of grid line networks for strain measurement on metal pressing and forming limit diagram preparation J.R. Branson 11
1971 WG1/2/71 The effect of some parameters upon the forming limit diagram of steel sheets M. Grumbach; G. Sanz 39
1971 WG1/3/71 La courbe limite de formage a l'apparition de la striction - mode de determination J.C. Baret; M. Wybo 28
1971 WG1/4/71 Quelques aspects de lat determination de la coube limite d'emboutissage debut de striction C.Chr. Veerman 26
1971 WG1/5/71 Factors effecting the formability of hot-rolled strip steels (see also WG1/2/71) R.F. Dewsnap; D.M. Keane; J.R. Branson 28
1971 WG2/1/71 Comparison of stress-strain curves under uniaxial and biaxial tension in aluminum and aluminum alloys P. Vigier N/A
1971 WG2/2/71 Factors affecting the formability of hot-rolled strip steels R.F. Dewsnap; D.M. Keane; J.R. Branson 28
1971 WG2/3/71 Survey of literatur on forming stainless steel K.L. Lindblom 6
1971 WG2/4/71 Progress report from Japan SFRG N/A
1971 WG2/5/71 Report from the Swedish DDRG on current research work in Sweden - N/A
1971 WG3/1/71 Requirements for the determination of the plastic anisotropy ratio r in sheet metal BDDRG N/A
1971 WG3/2/71 Questionnaire on bulge test M. Grumbach N/A
1971 WG3/3/71 Progress report from Japan JSFRG N/A
1972 WG1/1A/72 Forming limit diagrams and application to actual press forming E.F. Drewes, H. Hennig, R. Pape; W. Wrede N/A
1972 WG1/1B/72 Further Investigation on an industrial pressing (valve cover) E.J. Drewes; H. Hennig 4
1972 WG1/2/72 Mebtechnische gesichtspunkte fur die genaue ermittlung von formanderungen an fein blechzeiehteilen mit hilfe des mebrastervertahrens W. Muschenborn; H.M. Sonne N/A
1972 WG1/3A/72 Behaviour of mild steel in axisymmetrical sheet forming with and without draw-in P.K. Lee; T.C. Hsu N/A
1972 WG1/3B/72 Four aspects of sheet metal formability and their assessment T.C. Hsu N/A
1972 WG1/4A/72 An Analysis of the deformation in sheet metal forming T.C. Hsu N/A
1972 WG1/4B/72 Distinction between co-axial and non-coaxial strains in sheet metal and its implications on the assessment of material formability T.C. Hsu N/A
1972 WG1/5/72 Evaluation of stamping severity according to longitudinal section profile M. Nakano; Y. Ueno N/A
1972 WG1/6/72 Flow pattern and corner wall breakage in deep drawing of square shells M. Takashina; H. Komorida; Y. Nishimoto N/A
1972 WG1/7/72 A material evaluation of the splitting problem experienced during the manufacture of expanded containers I.F. Hughes; R.R. Hilsen N/A
1972 WG1/8/72 Strainhardening and instability in biaxially stretched sheets A.K. Gosh; W.A. Backofen N/A
1972 WG1/9/72 Effects of mechanical properties on the press forming severity of steel sheets K. Nakajima; T. Kikuma; K. Hasuka 20
1972 WG1/10/72 On the occurrence, growth and elimination of wrinkles during the forming of square parts having overhang M. Miyahara; Y. Oike; I. Kokubo N/A
1972 WG1/11/72 How the application research laboratory at Hoogovens make the forming limit curves at fracture and at the onset of localised necking C.Chr. Veerman 13
1972 WG1/12/72 Determination of forming limit curves - report from the FLD subgroup WG1 - 16
1972 WG1/13/72 A simplified technique to determine the FLD at the onset of necking A. Bragard; J.C. Baret; H. Bonnarens 34
1972 WG1/14/72 Report on the cooperative investigations of forming severity in actual Japanese press shops M. Sato N/A
1972 WG2/1/72 Formability Studies on electron beam refined 26% Cr 1% Mo stainless steel sheet J.C. Wright N/A
1972 WG2/2/72 Relationship between mechanical properties and drawing characteristics for Al/Zn/Mg alloy L.E. Olsson; R. Sundberg N/A
1972 WG2/3/72 Mechanical control of texture P.S. Mathur; W.A. Backofen N/A
1972 WG2/4/72 The effect of mechanical properties on the punch stretching limits of sheet steels K. Nakagawa 6
1972 WG3/1/72 Correspondence de l'essai d'emboutissage type Erichsen ave l'essai de traction Ch.A. Caillot N/A
1972 WG3/2/72 Strainhardening in aluminum (measurement and calculation) B.A. Neimeier N/A
1972 WG3/3/72 Recommended methods for determining the plastic strain ratio r for sheet metal ADDRG N/A
1972 WG3/4/72 Hole enlargement-practical on-line formability test A.J. Klein; E.W. Hitcher 14
1972 WG3/5/72 Sheet drawability assessed from a two-blank cup-drawing test and a tensile test J.M. Thorp 6
1972 WG3/6/72 Correlation between the hole enlargement test and conventional mechanical-technological tests H.U. Weigel; H.H. Knoche; R.D. Theis N/A
1972 WG3/7/72 High speed material property testing of sheet metal S.G. Babcock 51
1972 WG3/8/72 An automatic tensile testing machine linked with a computer F. Godard; J. Pauwen; L. Renard 10
1972 WG3/9/72 Observations on deformation behaviours in autobody panels by photoelastic methods K. Abe; Y. Yamamoto 15
1972 WG3/10/72 Limiting drawing ratio determination-panel report from sub-group - N/A
1972 WG3/11/72 La determination du module d'ecrouissage des aciers doux - rapport des essais collectifs A.T. Hutte; IRSID; SOLLAC; CRM N/A
1972 WG3/12/72 Inquiry on the Requirement for the Determination of the Plastic Strain Ratio r G. Pomey N/A
1972 WG3/13/72 Further comments by British delegation on points made in replies to the questionnaire on the procedure for measuring the plastic anisotropy ratio r in BDDRG N/A
1973 WG1/1/73 Theoretical basis of forming limit diagrams J. Gouzou 10
1973 WG1/2/73 Some investigation on the left part of the forming limit diagram on the onset of necking J.C. Baret; P. Messein; A. Bragard 29
1973 WG1/3/73 Industrial applications of forming limit curves and a first approach to strain paths B. de Luca 41
1973 WG1/4/73 Development of tests for selecting lubricants suitable for press forming of sheet metals (refer to DDR/WGI/3/73) P.D. Stewart; T.J. Gibson; R.M. Hobbs 12
1973 WG1/5/73 Views on testing of lubricants for deep drawing R. Olofsson 11
1973 WG2/1/73 Herstellung und eigenschaflen von hoherfestein kalt gewalztem feinblech aus mikrolegiertem stahl W. Muschenborn; L. Meyer N/A
1973 WG2/2/73 Cold rolled High Strength Steels C.M. Van Weele N/A
1973 WG3/1/73 La position de la courbe limite d'emboutissage - debut striction visible - appartenant a des trajectoires de deformation normale C.Chr. Veerman; M. de Groot; L. Hartman 40
1973 WG3/2/73 La determination rapide du coefficient d'anisotropie CSM; Falck; Italsider; Redaelli N/A
1973 WG3/3/73 Development of Tests for selecting lubricants (see also suitable for P.D. Stewart; T.J. Gibson; R.M. Hobbs 12
1973 WG3/4/73 High Speed Compression Testing of thin-gauge steel sheet - 8
1974 WG1/1/74 The characteristic deformation behaviour of sheet metal in combined stretch forming I. Kokubo; K. Kawamoto N/A
1974 WG1/2/74 Relationship between Geometry and stresses in bulge test T.C. Hsu; P.K. Lee 8
1974 WG1/3/74 Effects of Punching Temperature on the Hole expanding Limit of Metastable austenitic stainless steels H. Kawase; A. Takezoe N/A
1974 WG1/4/74 A trial for simulation test of local forming limit in Autobody parts H. Nakashima; K. Koshino; M. Shibata; S. Hanai; T. Sato; T. N/A
1974 WG1/5/74 Variations in the strain distributions in axisymmetrical deep drawing T.C. Hsu; P.K. Lee 8
1974 WG1/6/74 Theory of the necking-out process A. Ranter; J. Reissner N/A
1974 WG1/7/74 Einfluss der ver Formungsgeschwindigkeit auf die grenzformanderungen und die formanderungsverteilung von feinblech E.J. Drewes; A. Martini N/A
1974 WG2/1/74 Forming limits of locality quenched low carbon steel sheets T. Machida; T. Nakagawa N/A
1974 WG2/2/74 Formability criteria for hot-rolled steel sheets L. Philippe 13
1974 WG2/3/74 Brittle fracture of steel sheets after press-forming M. Konishi; M. Nishida; N. Ohashi N/A
1974 WG2/4/74 On the application of high strength steel sheets for auto body parts - the cooperative investigation of the Japan sheet metal forming research group K. Yoshida; Y. Yamamoto; K. Abe N/A
1974 WG2/5/74 Physical principles of relevance to the forming of austenitic stainless steel sheet-strainhardening & plastic anisotropy L. Klang; G. Nyby N/A
1974 WG2/6/74 Forming of composite materials Ch. Schneider; M. Sodiek N/A
1974 WG3/1/74 Criteria for a draw-fracture test G.F. Harvey; P.N. Richards 24
1974 WG3/2/74 A simple test method for the prediction of the sheet metal formability under combined stretching and drawing conditions A.B. Haberfield; M.W. Boyles; H. Chilcott 14
1974 WG3/3/74 Determination of bending limit by fracture stress under tensile unbending - a trial for a new testing method of bending K. Oshida; H. Ike; S. Ishikawa N/A
1974 WG3/4/74 Comparative Study of Methods of Determining FLD at onset of Necking G. Sanz 19
1974 WG3/5/74 Stand der untersuchungen zur bestimmung der FLC (Progress report on FLC sub committee) E.J. Drewes N/A
1974 WG3/6/74 The application of forming limit curves and strain distributions in assessing the formability of mild steels G. Romano; D. Rault; M. Entringer N/A
1975 WG1/1/75 Some aspects of mill applied deep-drawing oils (WGI ad hoc committee on lubrication) - 5
1975 WG1/2/75 A brief study of cup geometry on ear height and thickening in cylindrical flat bottomed steel cups R.C. Hudd; K. Lyons 16
1975 WG1/3/75 Lubricants behaviour in sheet metal drawing M.M. Martin N/A
1975 WG2/1/75 Relationship between forming limit diagram and the strain hardening parameters of sheet metals H.J. Kleemola; A.J. Ranta-Eskola 26
1975 WG2/2/75 Work-Hardening in stretched steel sheets R. D'Haeyer; J. Gouzou; A. Bragard 41
1975 WG2/3/75 Enfluss der Streuugen der Frundwerkstroffeigenschaften auf die spannweite der Gutemerkmale beim punktschweissen H.J. Krause 12
1975 WG3/1/75 Forming limit diagrams for some aluminum and copper alloys L.E. Olsson; G. Olsson; A. Karlsson 16
1975 WG3/2/75 Application de l'essai de traction BI-Entaille a la Production d'un train a larges bandes J. Dwance 14
1975 WG3/3/75 Formanderungskurve dur Feinst und Weisslbech H. Knoche; H.U. Weigel 6
1975 WG3/4/75 Determination of the limiting strains at the onset of necking R. D'Haeyer; A. Bragard 3
1975 WG3/5/75 On the relationship between microstructure, mechanical properties and forming limits in Al-Mn Alloy sheets S.E. Naess; Hakon-Hero 25
1975 WG3/6/75 Prediction of standard shaped FLD's for hot-rolled HSLA Steels S.P. Keeler; W.G. Brazier 15
1975 WG3/7/75 Courbes limits de formage: mises en evidence de nouvelles trajectoires complexes de deformation G. de Kainlis; D. Rault; M. Entringer 24
1975 WG3/8/75 The Effect of Metal Thickness upon the limit strains in sheet steel M.J. Painter; R. Pearce 8
1976 WG1/1/76 Frictional damage and its mechanism in metal sheets T. Herai; M. Ejima; K. Yoshida; K. Miyauchi; H. Ike N/A
1976 WG1/2/76 Flange cracking in Drawn and ironed cans from tinplate L. Hartman 19
1976 WG1/3/76 Improvement in the Forming Severity of Autobody Pressings T. Asai; H. Kozawa; K. Kato; A. Toshimitsu 18
1976 WG1/4/76 An investigation into High Strength Steel Sheets and Aluminum Alloy Sheets for Press Forming of Autobody Parts T. Furubayashi 17
1976 WG1/5/76 A General Survey of Sheet Surface Damages in Press Shops N. Iwasaki 11
1976 WG1/6/76 Study of damage introduced in sheet forming operations G. Ferran; S.L. de Andrade N/A
1976 WG1/7/76 Plastic Deformation of Metal: Theory of Simulated Sliding V. Piispanen 30
1976 WG2/1/76 Some aspects of drawability of Zinc Alloys A. Piccinin; J. Wegria; R. Racek; P. Cosse; R. D'Haeyer; S.A 18
1976 WG2/2/76 The Effect of Austenite Stability on Press Forming Parts of Stainless Steel S.E. Naess; Hakon Hero 14
1976 WG2/3/76 Compared Deep Drawing Behaviour of Mild Steel and HSLA Steel Cold Rolled Sheets L. Renard; F. Beco 23
1976 WG2/4/76 A Study of Deep Drawing and Ironing in Cylindrical Thin Tin Plates H. Abe; T. Imae; K. Kitamura; K. Nakagawa 52
1976 WG2/5/76 Metallurgical Factors Affecting Formability of Al-Mn Alloy Sheets S.E. Naess; Hakon Hero 34
1976 WG2/6/76 Use of High Strength Steels Weight Saving in Australian Automobiles R.M. Hobbs; T.J. Gibson 10
1976 WG2/7/76 Effect of Stress State and Predeformation on the Hardening of Steel, Copper and Brass H.J. Kleemola; M.T. Pelkkinkangas 27
1976 WG2/8/76 Prestrain induced behaviours of mechanical properties and press formabilities in sheet metals K. Miyauchi N/A
1976 WG2/9/76 High Strength Cold Rolled Steel M. Grumbach 28
1976 WG2/10/76 Le Chiffonage Des Alliages; Fe-17%Cr et Fe-3%Si J.A. Pero-Sanz; J.I. Verdeja 69
1976 WG3/1/76 The Strain dependence of r value of Textured Steel Sheet H. Hu 17
1976 WG3/2/76 Everyday use of Automatic Tensile Testing Machine for routine control of Steel Sheets F. Godard; L. Renard 8
1976 WG3/3/76 On-Line Non-Destructive Measurement of Grain Size of Deep Drawing Steel Sheet V.M. Otala; S. Saynajakangas; S. Tiitto 23
1976 WG3/4/76 Fatigue Behaviour of V-Bent Specimens in High Strength Steel Sheets K. Yoshida; H. Ike; Marai; H. Imatomi 22
1976 WG3/5/76 True Stress - True Strain Curve and Plastic Instability in the Uniaxial Tensile Test - A new method for determining the maximum uniform strain from th R. Muller 15
1976 WG3/6/76 Localized flow observed in notched sheet tensiles by means of holographic interferometry M.L. Devenpeck 19
1976 WG3/7/76 Press shop applications of forming limit diagrams S.P. Keeler 18
1977 WG1/1/77 Some remarks concerning the Influence of Lubrication in the Deep Drawing of Extra Mild Steels G. de Kainlis; M. Entringer; D. Rault N/A
1977 WG1/2/77 Influence de la Texture des toles sur la position et l'intensite des cornes d'emboutissage M. Grumbach; F. Moussy; P. Parniere; C. Sauzay N/A
1977 WG1/3/77 High Strength Cold Rolled Steel Sheets with a high Drawability Y. Meyzaud; P. Parniere N/A
1977 WG1/4/77 Mise en forme des metaux det alliages (Appreciation des caracteristiques d'emboutissabilitie des toles minces) P. Parniere; G. Sanz N/A
1977 WG2/1/77 Courbes Limites d'Emboutissage Analyse Microstructurale de l'Influence des Trajectoires de Deformation B. Baudelet; M. Deguen; L. Felgeres; P. Parniere; F. Ronde-O N/A
1977 WG2/2/77 On the Theories of Sheet Metal Necking and Formability A.S. Korhonen N/A
1977 WG2/3/77 A comparison of the Formability of Austenitic Stainless Steel Sheets A.S. Korhonen N/A
1977 WG2/4/77 On the work hardening and Formability of Aluminum Steel Sheets H.J. Kleemola; J.O. Kumpulainen N/A
1977 WG3/1/77 Connection between the surface parameters as recorded with Stylus tracing Instruments and the Visual Evaluation of the surfaces of temper rolled sheet R. Muller N/A
1977 WG3/2/77 Measurement and Classification of the surface roughness structure of cold rolled steel sheets H.U. Weigel; H. Knoche N/A
1977 WG3/3/77 Joint Test - Surface roughness measurements H.U. Weigel N/A
1977 WG3/4/77 Enfluss von Probenform - Vorbereitung Dehngeschwindigkeit une Reckgrad auf die r and n Wertbestimmung C.M. Vlad; M. Liphardt N/A
1977 WG3/5/77 A method of assessment of sheet metal formability Z. Marciniak; J. Kolodiejski N/A
1977 WG3/6/77 Forming Limits of steel sheet determined by Cine Film Technique W. Muschenborn; H.M. Sonne N/A
1977 WG3/7/77 Estimation of the Mechanical Anisotropy of Textured Steel Sheet using a Quantitative Metallographic method V. Hernn; U. Feldmann N/A
1979 WG1/1/79 Drawbead Tests on press lubricants H.T. Couland; M.J. Painter N/A
1979 WG1/2/79 Automated tensile testing N. Kuhn N/A
1979 WG1/3/79 Hydraulic Bulge test in Biaxial Tensile Testing A.J. Ranta Escola N/A
1979 WG1/4/79 Through-thickness variation of stresses in simultaneous sheet metal bending & tension with reference to deep drawing M.B. Devedzic N/A
1979 WG1/5/79 Density changes in stretch Forming of Sheet Metals A. Parmar; P.B. Mellor N/A
1979 WG2/1/79 Pre-finished flat steel products B. Meuthen; D. Junkers N/A
1979 WG2/2/79 High Strength Steels N. Kuhn N/A
1979 WG2/3/79 Surface and galling characteristics of thin Iron-Zinc alloy coating C.H. Brun N/A
1979 WG2/4/79 Influence du coefficient d'anisotropie sur le comportement a l'emboutissage de deux aciers (micro-allie au Nb et rephosphore) de meme limite d'elastic D. Rault; M. Entringer N/A
1979 WG2/5/79 Structure and properties of dual phase steel A. Daglish; A. Duncan; M.G. O.O. Shitta N/A
1979 WG3/1/79 Present state of the C.R.M. Work related to surface analysis of cold rolled steel sheets A. Bragard N/A
1979 WG3/2/79 Recent developments in the use of Stretch-draw Test M.W. Boyles; H.S. Chilcott 28
1979 WG3/3/79 Cooperative tests on the comparibility of several peak counting methods applied for the determination of steel sheet roughness K.W. Blumel N/A
1979 WG3/4/79 Geometry of sheet metal surfaces G. Staufert N/A
1979 WG3/5/79 Description of roughness profiles by means of a separation of Random and Periodic Parts G. Staufert N/A
1979 WG3/6/79 Characterization of Random Roughness Profiles G. Staufert N/A
1980 WG1/1/80 Forming techniques for superplastic alloys Dr. Sawle of T.I. Superform Ltd. (Worcester (UK)) N/A
1980 WG1/2/80 Forming of superplastic Ti alloy (Ti 6A14V) and on temporary-superplasticity of brass Professor B. Baudelet N/A
1980 WG1/3/80 CRM mathematical model and its use for predicting performance in deep drawing (drawability limits, M. Marique (CRM Liege) N/A
1980 WG1/4/80 Classical theory of plasticity Professor Kaftanoglu (Turkey) N/A
1980 WG1/5/80 The study on geometrical surface defects of an autobody panel H. Iida; T. Nishiyama; T. Kuronaga N/A
1980 WG1/6/80 Schematic data sheets in press forming of autobody panels (fitting behaviour) Japan DDRG N/A
1980 WG2/1/80 Formability of non-ferrous alloys - aluminum sheets for car bodies Dr. B. Shabel (Alcoa - USA) N/A
1980 WG2/2/80 Forming of aluminum sheets T. Muller N/A
1980 WG3/1/80 Surface Characteristics J. Newby (Armco Steel, Inc.) N/A
1980 WG3/2/80 Description of surface K. Blumel N/A
1980 WG3/3/80 A CRM on galling C. Marique N/A
1980 WG3/4/80 Sheet parameters which influence the corrosion resistance of painted parts M. Baccioli N/A
1980 WG3/5/80 Frictional surface damage and its mechanism in metal sheets T. Herai; M. Ejima; K. Yoshida; M. Miyauchi; H. Ike N/A
1980 WG3/6/80 Necessity for a new tensile test and a proposal: diagonal stretching of a square specimen K. Yoshida N/A
1981 WG1/1/81 Basic rules of sheet metal press forming Li Shuo-Ben; Yu Lian-Zhong 46
1981 WG1/2/81 Classification & forming limit of sheet metal press forming L. Shuo-Ben; Y. Yuying; Y. Lian-Zhong 32
1981 WG1/3/81 Fittability material properties H. Ishigaki N/A
1981 WG1/4/81 Schematic data sheets in press forming of autobody panels JDDRG 5
1981 WG2/1/81 Performance of HSS autobody H. Oikawa 13
1981 WG2/2/81 Product & Properties of Si-Mn as-hot-rolled dual phase steel Y. Tokunaga; M. Takita; T. Horita; K. Kishida 6
1981 WG2/3/81 High Strength hot rolled steel sheets from continuous casting J. Flipsen 33
1981 WG2/4/81 Effect of initial thickness of sheets on the FLD's at necking J.H. Schmitt; J.M. Jalinier; B. Baudelet 15
1981 WG3/1/81 Yoshida Buckling Test K. Yoshida; H. Hayashi; M. Hirata; T. Hira; S. Ujihara 6
1981 WG3/2/81 Proposal of conical cup buckling test H. Abe; K. Nakagawa; S. Sato 20
1981 WG3/3/81 Computer aided profile measurement & analysis of pressed steel sheets H. Kozono 20
1981 WG3/4/81 Influence of the surface microgeometry & of the surface analysis on galling test results G. Blanchard 18
1981 WG3/5/81 Reliable method for measuring the friction coefficient in sheet metal M. Sulonen; P. Eskola; J. Kumpulainen; A. Ranta-Eskola 15
1981 WG3/6/81 Evaluation of strain distribution in drawing of sheet metal B. Devedzic 4
1982 WG1/1/82 Deep Drawing of circular blanks through a conical die J.O. Kumpulainen 11
1982 WG1/2/82 The forming limit diagram of high strength materials M. Melander 13
1982 WG1/3/82 Operational limits during the drawing-in of highly deformed thin-walled tubes W. Schmid, J. Reissner 8
1982 WG1/4/82 Formability of high strength steel and ARMCO at different strain path J. Gronostajski; A. Dolny; T. Sobis 10
1982 WG1/5/82 Damage formation in the deep drawing of mild and high-strength low alloy sheet steels H. Kleemola; U. Backlund 12
1982 WG1/6/82 Determination of an intrinsic forming limit stress diagram for isotropic metal sheets R. Arrieux; C. Bedrin; M. Boivin 11
1982 WG1/7/82 Computer aided profile measurement and analysis of pressed steel sheets H. Kozono 10
1982 WG1/8/82 Assessing the influence of strain path on sheet metal forming limits S.M. Rasmussen 11
1982 WG1/9/82 Voltage and deformity condition in the group shaping of compensational tubes V. Stoiljkovic; D. Nikolic 12
1982 WG1/10/82 Deep drawing by contoured die Z.J. Luo; B. Avitzur 15
1982 WG2/1/82 The roughening of free surfaces under deformation P.F. Thomson; B.V. Shafer 5
1982 WG2/2/82 Stamping of high strength steel sheet - Influence of tensile characteristics on strain distribution and springback C. Lefevre; R. El Haik; E. Levrez; M Bourgeon 17
1982 WG2/3/82 Electrolytic treatments in neutral solution for improving surface quality of hot and cold rolled steel N. Azzeri; R. Bruno 11
1982 WG3/1/82 Measurements of the dynamic stress time curves with good accuracy T. Sawada 11
1982 WG3/2/82 Some observations on the FLC Diagrammes of direct off the Rolling Heat processed Dual Phase Steels G. Ahrndt; J. Kugler; C.M. Vlad 7
1982 WG3/3/82 Deforming behaviour of a triangular specimen in the diagonal tensile test H. Hayashi; O. Shibasaki; K. Yoshida 12
1982 WG3/4/82 Effect of forming and testing speed on formability and mechanical properties of sheet metals A.S. Korhonen 6
1982 WG3/5/82 The hole-expansion formability test A. Daglish 7
1982 WG3/6/82 Influence of surface chemistry on corrosion resistance of painted cold rolled steel sheets C. Gazzo; M. Memmi N/A
1982 WG3/7/82 Possibilities of improving the surface cleanliness of sheet steel. Results and critical remarks. L. Meyer; R. Bode; W. Muschenborn; H.J. Nettelbeck; A. Zaste 12