Year Code Title Author(s) No. of pages
1960 C/1/60 Influence de l'anisotropie des toles sur leur deformation plastique en solicitations uni et biaxiales C. Crussard; D. Lajeunesse; G. Pomey 35
1960 C/2/60 Drawability and anisotropy of metals R.L. Whiteley; D.E. Wise; D.J. Blickwede 13
1960 C/3/60 Classification and systemization of sheet metal press forming process K. Yoshida 0
1960 C/4/60 Le formage des toles minces a froid et les essais d'emboutissage J. Guyot 16
1960 C/5/60 The assessment of the formability of sheet metal by cupping tests and from the stress characteristics J.F. Wallace 15
1960 C/6/60 The new tensile flow-curve for plane strain K. Takase 31
1960 C/7/60 Intersuchung des formziehens komplizierter hohlteile A.D. Tomlenow 10
1960 C/8/60 Evaluation of drawing properties of sheet steel L.A. Rubenkova 10
1960 C/9/60 An investigation of swift cupping test correlation and the influence of tool and material surface finish on the test results P.W. Whitton; D.R. Mear 24
1960 C/10/60 Investigations on swift cupping test J.H. Zaat 31
1960 C/11/60 The study of strain aging in rimming steel using the swift cupping press and the influence of punch shape on the results D.K.C. Ullmann; V.M. Thomas 18
1960 C/12/60 The usefulness of the tensile and the cup-forming test, when testing aluminum sheet for deep drawing C.R. Vassel and G.J. Sinay 11
1960 C/13/60 A strech-forming test for use with a variable speed drawing press D.V. Wilson; B.B. Moreton; R.D. Butler 29
1960 C/14/60 Einfluss der werkstoffeigenschaften un prufbedingungen auf die ergebnisse des napfchen-ziehversuchs W. Panknin 24
1960 C/15/60 Influence de quelques facteurs sur les resultats de l'essai erichsen M. Jentet 17
1960 C/16/60 Remarks on the erichsen drawing test S. Di Bartolo 18
1960 C/17/60 Vergleichende untersuchungen uber die erbebnisse der tiefungsprufung mit dem napfchenziehversuch und mit dem erichsen-versuch an weichen stahlen A. Kruger 42
1960 C/18/60 On the correlations among experimental values obtained from various formability tests S. Fukui; K. Yoshida; K. Abe 12
1960 C/19/60 Essai de definition de l'emboutissablilite G. Pomey; A. Royez; P. Dhez 32
1960 C/20/60 Mise au point d'un embouti type representatif des pieces de carrosserie M. Jentet 23
1960 C/21/60 L'essai K.W.I. - Principe et applications aux feuillards pour cages de roulements a billes et a rouleaux L. Mazet; M. Vauzelle 19
1960 C/22/60 La determination des possibilities d'emboutissage cylindrique des alliages legers M. R. Chopin 21
1960 C/23/60 Einfluss der blechdickenabweichungen aus das tiefziehergebnis G. Oehler 11
1960 C/24/60 The problem of elaborating the method of testing to appraise the capacity of sheet steel for deep drawing B.M. Ovsy Annikov 26
1960 C/25/60 Die hydraulische ticfungsprufung zur zufnahme von fliesskurven und zur ermittlung der relativen verfestigung W. Panknin 11
1960 C/26/60 Examen systematique des pieces embouties en feuille mince C. Caillot 15
1960 C/27/60 Formability of sheet metal in successive multistep drawing I. Noritzin 21
1960 C/28/60 Double-action hydroforming process S. Fukui; K. Yoshida; K. Abe 10
1960 C/29/60 The application of phase change lubrication to stretchforming J.F. Wallace 15
1960 C/30/60 Principles and practice of explosive metal forming L. Zernow 4
1962 C/1/62 Speed, lubrication, and surface finish in deep drawing and stretch forming J.F. Wallace 22
1962 C/2/62 The effect of roughness of sheet metal and tool surfaces on deep-drawability S. Fukui; K. Yoshida; K. Ozaki 19
1962 C/3/62 Einfluss der oberflachenrauhigkeit auf der reibungerserscheinungen an tiefziehblechen M. Reihle 11
1962 C/4/62 Problematik des zusammenwirkens von reibungspartnem und gleitmitteln bei der kaltumformung H. Wiegand; K.H. Kloos 39
1962 C/5/62 Plastic strain in stretch-forming of drawing quality cold rolled sheet R.H. Heyer; D.E. McCabe 40
1962 C/6/62 The importance of drawing and fracture loads in the swift cup drawing test R.D. Butler; B.B. Moreton; D.V. Wilson 33
1962 C/7/62 Correlation of laboratory tests on drawing lubricants with press shop practice H.T. Coupland 19
1962 C/8/62 Organic polymers as deep drawing lubricants D.R. Mear; H.H. Topper; D.A. Ford 23
1962 C/9/62 The influence of plastic films on the deep drawing properties of metal sheet L. Ameen 25
1962 C/10/62 Kalt - und warmumformung unter schlagziehpressen G. Oehler 14
1962 C/11/62 L'echauffement du metal en cours d'emboutissage-restreint A. Finckbohner; J. Guyot 9
1962 C/12/62 Die unformung von blechen mit sprengstoffen P.J.M. Boes 23
1962 C/13/62 Fundamental studies on explosive metal forming S. Fukui; K. Kawata; J. Seino 11
1962 C/14/62 Grundsatzliche untersuchungen zur sprengverformung H. Hansel 12
1962 C/15/62 Explosive deformation in anisotropic materials with special reference to mechanical properties C.A. Verbraak 14
1962 C/16/62 Experiments in the dynamic deformation of clamped circular sheets of various metals subject to an underwater explosive charge F.W. Travis; W. Johnson 26
1964 C/1/64 Influence of crystallographic orientation on plastic anisotropy in deep drawing sheet steel R.W. Vieth; R.L. Whitely 20
1964 C/2/64 The theoretical analysis of r value effects on L.D.R. with the application of width reduction T. Ikeshima; M. Fukuda 20
1964 C/3/64 The effect of anisotropy on instability in sheet metal forming G. G. Moore; J.F. Wallace 15
1964 C/4/64 An evaluation of anisotropy for drawability control by plane-strain compression testing R.T. Holcomb; W.A. Backofen 16
1964 C/5/64 La classification des qualities de toles pour emboutissage sur la base des mesures des coefficients d'anisotropie plastique 'r' et module d'ecrouissag L. Lilet 22
1964 C/6/64 Anisotropy as a criterion in the raming deep drawing test G. Oehler 4
1964 C/7/64 The measurement of plastic anisotropy in sheet steel M. Atkinson; I.M. Maclean 20
1964 C/8/64 Role de quelques facteurs intervenant dans la mesure de 'r' et de 'n' M. Grumbach; G. Pomey 39
1964 C/9/64 Studies on tensile test specimens and a new recording apparatus for sheet metals S. Fukui; K. Yoshida; Tensile Test Research Group 13
1964 C/10/64 Les informations que donne l'essai de traction sur l'aptitude a l'emboutissage de l'acier sont elles applicables a d'autres metaux? M. Wybo 15
1964 C/11/64 An investigation into the relationship between plastic strain ratio and annealing textures in aluminum/magnesium alloy sheets R. Pearce; K.R. Natarajan 23
1964 C/12/64 Influence d'elements d'addition et de traitements speciaux sur l'anisotropie et l'embouteissabilitie d'aciers effervescents extra - doux P. Wacquez; R. Van Daele 23
1964 C/13/64 The effect of manufacturing processes on the preferred orientation of deep drawing steel sheet H. Yoshida; K. Sasaki; F. Kanzaki 14
1966 C/1/66 Evaluation of drawability D.L Harper; R.L. Whitely 29
1966 C/2/66 The efficiency of deformation as a measure for drawability of sheet metals M. Abouel - ALA 17
1966 C/3/66 A study of rectangular shell drawing for sheet metal testing H.T. Coupland; R.R. Arnold 10
1966 C/4/66 The influence of tool dimensions on the results of the swift cupping test H. De Goede; S. Von Marinelli 31
1966 C/5/66 L'effet dimensionnel dans les essais d'emboutissage profond M. Wybo 19
1966 C/6/66 Etude des modes de deformation en emboutissage. Cas particulier des pieces de carrosserie d'automobile H. Josselin 33
1966 C/7/66 Contribution a l'etude de l'emboutissage sous presse G. Pomey; M. Grumbach; R. Guillot 44
1966 C/8/66 The study on wall breakage in the deep-drawing of square shells T. Okamoto; V. Hayashi 22
1966 C/9/66 Material requirements for forming a rectangular pan R.H. Heyer; J.R. Newby 29
1966 C/10/66 The study and classification of punch-stretching processes K. Yoshida; K. Miyauchi 35
1966 C/11/66 Effect of mechanical properties of sheet steel on the springback of press-formed parts T. Akamatsu; S. Yanagimoto; I. Aoki; S. Hanai 19
1966 C/12/66 Stretch-expand forming S. Fukui; K. Yoshida; K. Abe 19
1966 C/13/66 Das hydromechanische Ziehverfahren O.E. Burk 16
1966 C/14/66 Procede de formage a l'explosif dans l'emploi des toles minces. Le placage des metaux a l'explosif E. Perrin 21
1966 C/15/66 An experimental investigation on the propagation of strain waves in a blank at high-energy-rate forming K. Kiyota; M. Fujita 28
1966 C/16/66 Le mecanisme du formage et du placage des metaux a l'explosif J. Pietteur 48
1968 C/1/68 Variation de l'allongement local de rupture en expansion des toles minces en fonction de la biaxialite de la deformation L. De Lacombe; C. Dumenil 10
1968 C/2/68 Initiation and propagation of fracture during biaxial stretching of steel sheets H. Takechi; Y. Matsuo; S. Nagashima 11
1968 C/3/68 Ductile Fracture of commercial carbon steel sheets in tensile testing K. Nakagawa 12
1968 C/4/68 Ductile fracture strain of steel sheet by hydraulic bulge test T. Okamoto; T. Matsouka; Y. Hayashi; C. Sudo 5
1968 C/5/68 Instability and fracture behaviours in steel metal forming K. Yoshida; K. Abe; K. Miyauchi; T. Nakagawa 15
1968 C/6/68 Analysis of necking preceding fracture of sheet metal under tension Z. Marciniak 9
1968 C/7/68 On the accuracy of likeness between Vee-bend tool and bent component and how to influence it by a setting load E. Dannenmann 16
1968 C/8/68 The effect of plastic anisotropy on flange wrinkling behaviour during sheet metal forming H. Naziri; R. Pearce 8
1968 C/9/68 Preliminary experiments on the multi-stage deep drawing of high speed steel and a low tungsten tool steel B. Fogg; P.F. Thomason 7
1968 C/10/68 Investigation into the deep drawing with particular consideration of simulataneous ironing Y. Kasuga; I. Otoda; R. Sugiyama 11
1968 C/11/68 Relation between the manufacturing conditions and the average strain according to the scribed circle tests in steel sheets K. Takashina; T. Herai, H. Komorida; T. Horita 9
1968 C/12/68 Application of strain analysis to sheet metal forming problems in the press shop G.M. Goodwin 8
1968 C/13/68 Sur la determinationdes coefficients 'r' et 'n' C. Schneider 7
1968 C/14/68 The influence of the strain hardening properties on the different judgement of the deep drawability in the swift cup drawing test and Engelhardt cup d C. Weidemann 8
1968 C/15/68 A new approach for predicting the limiting drawing ratio P.B. Mellor; J. Chakrabarty 9
1968 C/16/68 A Comparative study of different deep drawing test methods H. De Goede; S.V. Marinelli 5
1970 C/1/70 U Type Stretch Flanging T. Matsuoka; C. Sudo; M. Kojima 5
1970 C/2/70 Improvement in the Deformability of Sheared Edge of Steel Sheets T. Nakagawa; K. Yoshida 6
1970 C/3/70 The Curve of Formability Limit and Its Application to a Difficult Drawing Operation J.C. Baret; M. Wybo 4
1970 C/4/70 The Effect of r and n upon the Forming Limit Diagrams of Sheet Steel J. Woodthorpe; R. Pearce 6
1970 C/5/70 Effect of Deforming conditions and Mechanical Properties on the Stretch Forming Limits of Steel Sheets T. Kikuma; K. Nakazima 5
1970 C/6/70 Prediction of the Forming limit in Steel Sheet Stamping H. Kubotera; Y. Ueno 5
1970 C/7/70 Deformation Analysis in Press Forming of Autobody Parts T. Kobayashi; K. Murata; H. Ishigaki; T. Abe; R. Mio 5
1970 C/8/70 Relations between Deforming Behaviours and Geometrical Factors of Autobody Parts in Press Forming T. Kobayashi; K. Murata; H. Ishigaki; T. Abe; R. Mio 5
1970 C/9/70 Research of Criteria in Sheet Forming Applicable to the Automotive Industry H. Josselin; M. Tong-Cuong; R. El. Haik 3
1970 C/10/70 Metallurgical Aspects of Sheet Steel for Press Shops R.D. Butler; D. North; G.M. Davies 9
1970 C/11/70 The Stability of Performance in Press Forming Operations K. Yoshida; K. Yoshii 7
1970 C/12/70 Prediction of Ironability in Forming Cylindrical Shells by Deep Drawing and Multi-Stage Ironing K. Takase; Y. Kurita 6
1970 C/13/70 Formation Mechanicsms of Annealing textures in Low carbon Steel Sheets M. Matsuo; S. Hayami; S. Nagashima 5
1970 C/14/70 On Rolling and Annealing Textures in Low Carbon Steel Sheets G. Pomey; M. Grumbach 6
1970 C/15/70 The Control of Grain Size and Orientation in Sheet Steel I.L. Dillamore and W.B. Hutchinson 7
1970 C/16/70 Strain Hardening in Austenitic Steels P. Lovland; G. Molinder 4
1970 C/17/70 Deformation Markings in 17% Chromium Stainless Steels T.R. Thomson; J.M. Baker 3
1970 C/18/70 On the Ridging Properties and the Textures of 17% Cr Stainless Steel Strip Cold-rolled and Annealed from Continuously Cast Slab M. Arakawa; S. Takemura; T. Ooka 5
1970 C/19/70 Application of Finite Element Method and Moire Techniue to Sheet Metal Forming Problems S. Hanai; I. Aoki; T. Horita; H. Komorida; ; Y. Nishimoto 3
1970 C/20/70 A Theoretical Analysis of the Influence of Normal Anisotropy 'r', and Strain Hardening Exponent 'n', on the Drawability of Sheet Steel K.M. Frommann; W.F. Barclay 6
1970 C/21/70 The Kinematics of Axisymmetrical Sheet Metal Forming Processes and the Definition of Drawability T.C. Hsu 5
1970 C/22/70 The Coefficient of Friction on the Round Headed Punch in Press Forming K. Nakagawa; S. Okazaki 3
1970 C/23/70 Metallurgical Factors Influencing Sheet Metal Formability V.P. Sardana 6
1970 C/24/70 Aging of Unalloyed Soft Steels F. E. Listhuber 7
1970 C/25/70 Process Variables Affecting the r-value of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet K. Yamada; H. Kubotera; K. Nakoka 5
1970 C/26/70 Properties of Thinner Hot Rolled Steel Strips T. Okamoto; K. Nishizawa; H. Okabe; M. Takahashi 5
1970 C/27/70 Stainless Steel Sheet Cladding on Geometrically Non-Uniform Base Plate by Exlplosive Method H.S. Choi; K.T.Chang 6
1970 C/28/70 Yield Loci for Prestrained Steel Sheets Y. Tozawa; M. Nakamura; I. Shinkai 5
1970 C/29/70 An Analog Computer Used to Evaluate the Tensile Properties of Drawing Quality Sheets L. Renard; Ch. Van Den Hove; M. Wyybo 4
1970 C/30/70 Analysis of the Conical Cup Test for the Assessment of Deep Drawability G.S.A. Shawki 7
1970 C/31/70 The Relation between Lubrication and r Value in Mild Steel Sheets K. Suzki; N. Ogoshi; I. Gokyu 3
1970 C/32/70 A New Test for the Assessment of Normal anisotropy in Sheet Steel W.F. Barclay; K.M. Frommann 4
1970 C/33/70 Effect of Plastic Anisotropy on the Bore Expanding Behaviours of cold Rolled Steel Sheets Y. Ito; K. Hasiguchi; N. Ohashi 5
1970 C/34/70 The Effect of r-Value on the Drawability of Sheet Metal T. Oki; M. Miyahara; Y. Yamauchi; I. Kokubo; H. Hirano 4
1970 C/35/70 On the Interpretation of the Formability Limits of Metal Sheets and Their Evaluation by Means of Elementary Tests P. Brozzo; B. Deluca 3
1970 C/36/70 Introduction of Stress Ratio into Stress-Strain Relation and Its Application to the Development of a New Aspect in Formability K. Yoshida; K. Abe; K. Miyauchi; K. Yoshi 5
1972 C/1/72 Instability and fracture in sheet metal M.J. Painter; R. Pearce 24
1972 C/3/72 A new method for the prediction of the formability limits of metal sheets P. Brozzo; B. De Luca; R. Redina 28
1972 C/4/72 Influences des grilles de mesure et des trajectoires de deformation sur les courbes limites d'emboutissage M. Grumbach; G. Sanz 27
1972 C/5/72 A simple forming limit curve technique and results on aluminum alloys S.S. Hecker 37
1972 C/6/72 Assessment of sheet metal failure sensitivity by method of torsioning the rings Z. Marciniak; J. Kolodziejski 8
1972 C/7/72 Some strain-rate effects on planar stress systems in Al-stabilized and mechanically capped mild steels J.A. Smedstam 13
1972 C/8/72 Effect to strain ratios on the deforming limit of steel sheet and its application to actual press forming T. Kobayashi; H. Ishigaki; T. Abe 26
1972 C/9/72 Fracture behaviour, forming severity and metal flow in deep drawing of irregular-shaped shells K. Yoshida; K. Yoshii; H. Komorida; K. Myauchi 31
1972 C/10/72 Einflusse auf den Verfestigungsexponenten (n-Wert) von Tiefziehblech und ihre Deutung V.U. Lotter; M. Muller; W. Muschenborn; P.L. Ryder 16
1972 C/11/72 New forming grade sheet steels R. Hobbs; T.R. Thomson; I.S. Brammar 22
1972 C/12/72 The influence of yield strength and steel cleanness on the formability of hot rolled strip R.F. Dewsnap; R. Pearce; J.R. Branson 30
1972 C/13/72 Auswirkungen der Werkzeuggeometrie und der Werkstoffkennwerte auf den spannungs und Formanderungszustand beim Ziehen von Blechstreifen in einem Modell ?? 25
1972 C/14/72 Drawing and ironing of tinplate C.H. Schneider; M. Sodeik; H.U. Weigel 19
1972 C/15/72 Les courbes limites de formage Application a l'emboutissage de pieces automobiles G. Fourdin; H. Josselin; R. El Haik 12
1972 C/16/72 The study on press formability in forming of autmotive panels Y. Hayastri; C. Sudo; M. Kojima 35
1972 C/17/72 Stretch-draw shape analysis for prediction of formability A.S. Kasper; P.J. Vanderveen 19
1972 C/18/72 Analysis of sheet metal formability AMERICAN DEEP DRAWING RESEARCH GROUP 26
1972 C/19/72 The determination and application of the FLC-onset of localised necking C.CHR. Veerman 29
1974 C/1/74 On the strain hardening index n Y. Bergstrom 23
1974 C/2/74 The effect of strain rate on the stress-strain curve and the plane anisotropy coefficient of unstable and stable austenitic stainless steels K.J. Blom; G. Brandt; L. Klang 21
1974 C/3/74 On the quantitative evaluation of plastic anisotropy in sheet metals W. Truszkowski 14
1974 C/4/74 Quantitative study of the relationship between the strain ratio (r-value), earing and the texture of thin sheets of low carbon steel M. Grumbach; P. Parniere; L. Roesch; C. Sauzay 15
1974 C/5/74 A criterion for plastic instability in punch stretching of thin sheets A.K. Ghosh; S.S. Hecker 15
1974 C/6/74 Mechanical and metallurgical properties related to hot and cold rolled high strength sheet steels S. Hanai; S. Sakai; T. Sakamoto; T. Satoh; I. Aoki 14
1974 C/7/74 Formability of high-strength low-alloy steels M.J. Painter; R. Pearce 14
1974 C/8/74 High resistant steels and their formability x ITALIAN DEEP DRAWING RESEARCH GROUP 0
1974 C/9/74 An Investigation on the stamping of high strength sheet steel M. Nakano; O. Kinpara 13
1974 C/10/74 Inclusions, strength and formability N.A. Cantalejos; R.F. Dewsnap; R.A. Maynard 14
1974 C/11/74 The influence of sulphur content on the formability of HSLA sheet steels G. Glover 16
1974 C/12/74 Mikrolegierte bandverzinkte Feinblechguten mit guter kaltumformbarkeit C. Vlad; H. Klimpel ***DISTRIBUTED SEPARATELY BY THE AUTHO 14
1974 C/13/74 Prediction of strain distribution on formed sheet metal parts THE BENELUX DEEP DRAWING RESEARCH GROUP 13
1974 C/14/74 Some investigations on elastic recovery of press formed parts of high strength steel sheets C. Sudo; M. Kojima; T. Matsuoka 13
1974 C/15/74 The assessment of sheet steel forming severity in autobody stamping S. Hanai; S. Sakai; I. Aoki; T. Satoh; T. Horita 14
1974 C/16/74 Comparison of various plastic instability criteria for sheet metal forming applications B. Kaftanoglu 13
1974 C/17/74 Determination des efforts developes au cours du pliage des toles minces Bouhelier; Deagas; Martin 28
1974 C/18/74 The effects of mechanical properties of sheet metals on the growth and removing of buckles due to non-uniform stretching K. Yoshida; H. Hayashi; K. Miyauchi; Y. Yamamoto; K. Abe 11
1974 C/19/74 Some practical aspects of pressing and deep drawing using high strength hot rolled steels A. Stanway; W. Holyman 18
1974 C/20/74 Better sheet metal utilization - Trends in Benelux THE BENELUX DEEP DRAWING RESEARCH GROUP 17
1974 C/21/74 Improvements of press performance for autobody press shops in tool and process aspects T. Asi; H. Kozawa; K. Kato; K. Iso 8
1974 C/22/74 Pressworking Economics J. R. Branson 15
1976 C/1/76 Use of high yield strength steels to reduce weight of motor cars while keeping same safety level Busson; Chevrier; Entringer; De Kainlis - France 12
1976 C/2/76 High-strength cold-rolled sheet: Characteristics and criteria for its use in autmobile manufacturing W. Muschenborn; K. Blumel; L. Meyer; C. Strassburger 26
1976 C/3/76 Development and features of continuously annealed high strength cold rolled sheet steels in Japan K. Araki; K. Nakaoka; M. Abe; N. Ohashi (Japan) 15
1976 C/4/76 Car body made from galvanized steel sheet H. Burst; M. Grahle; J. Grashoff; C. Schneider; COLLABORATOR 13
1976 C/5/76 Method for prediction of cold deformation textures P. Van Houtte; E. Aernoudt 14
1976 C/6/76 The effect of anisotropic plasticity and work-hardening on the sheet metal drawability J. Gronostajski; C. Banasiak 16
1976 C/7/76 Anit-galling roughness profile permitting reduction of the blankholder pressure and required amount of lubricant during the forming of sheets D. Rault; M. Entringer 18
1976 C/8/76 A new plastic instability criteria for sheet metal forming applications A. Rauter; J. Reissner (Switzerland) 16
1976 C/9/76 Bulge testing as an aid to formability assessment J. L. Duncan; J. Kolodziejski; G. Glover 20
1976 C/10/76 The strain propagation behaviour in a metal sheet under non-uniformity distributed stretching load K. Yoshida; H. Takechi; S. Kuriyama; H. Hayashi (Japan) 16
1976 C/11/76 The influence of strain-path changes on the formability of sheet steel A.K. Ghosh; J.V. Laukonis (USA) 12
1976 C/12/76 Sheet bending in elastic tools R. Crafoord (Sweden) 14
1976 C/13/76 On the interpretation of results of hole expansion tests on sheet steels M. De Groot (Netherlands) 14
1976 C/14/76 Effectiveness of flange holding on the die surface with draw beads M. Kojima; C. Sudo; Y. Hayashi 13
1976 C/15/76 How to characterize the formability of thin sheets - Influence of the tooling on the formability of tin and black plates R. D'Haeyer; J. Gouzou; A. Bragard (Belgium) 15
1976 C/16/76 Application of sheet metal research to high production fabrication shops W.E. Johnson; P.A. Stine (USA) 10
1976 C/17/76 The effect of mechanical properties of sheet metals on the wrinkling behaviour during deep drawing J. Havranek (Australia) 19
1976 C/18/76 Strain rate and temperature sensitivity of austenitic stainless steel sheet formability R. Jackson (Australia) 21
1978 C/1/78 Flange behaviour analysis in sheet metal forming of complex geometry K. Yoshida; K. Miyauchi; H. Hayashi; S. Kuriyana (Japan) 27
1978 C/2/78 Plastic flow of axisymmetric shells and its application to sheet metal forming process O.C. Zienkiewicz; E. Onate 10
1978 C/3/78 Press performance, forming geometry and fracture behaviour in actual autobody panels T. Furubayshi, M. Shiokawa; K. Yamazaki (Japan) 6
1978 C/4/78 Approximate calculations for draw die forming J. L. Duncan (Canada) 8
1978 C/5/78 Analysis of surface deformation defects in the press forming of large sized autobody panels H. Ishigaki; Y. Umehara; I. Okamoto 14
1978 C/6/78 An investigation into the pressing of ridges into flat panels I. Adak; F.W. Travis (Great Britain) 11
1978 C/7/78 The blankholding action of draw beads C. Weidemann (Sweden) 7
1978 C/8/78 The study on resistance against wall breakage of metal sheets Y. Hayashi (Japan) 8
1978 C/9/78 Deformation behaviour of thin diaphragms in static and dynamic punch-stretching S.K. Ghosh; F.W. Travis 17
1978 C/10/78 Press Formability of damping sheets Y. Yutori; S. Nomura; I. Kokubo 7
1978 C/11/78 Sheet metal forming - transferring technology to the shop floor R. Hobbs; J. Havranek; I.S. Brammar (Australia) 6
1978 C/12/78 The effect of tooling temperature on the formability of low carbon steel sheets W.G. Granzow (USA) 6
1978 C/13/78 Theoretical analysis of the influence of damage on the shape and position of the forming limit diagram and on the strain-path and thickness effects J.M. Jalinier; B. Baudelet (France) 10
1978 C/14/78 Evolution of the microscopal heterogenities in sheet metal forming M.C. De Souza Nobrega; H.L. De Andrale; E.C. Sarmento; G. Fe 9
1978 C/15/78 Effects of microstructure on formability in biaxial stretching O. Asceinrad; D.V.Wilson (Great Britain) 12
1978 C/16/78 The uniaxial strain-hardening behaviour of sheet metal from zero strain to failure K. Saka; M.J. Painter; R. Pearce (Great Britain) 12
1978 C/17/78 Effect of strain rate and deformation heating on the strain-hardening of sheet metals H.J. Kleemola; A.S. Korhonen; A.J. Ranta-Eskola (Finland) 4
1978 C/18/78 Strain rate sensitivity, workhardening rate and strain prior to localized necking during tensile testing in some aluminum alloys H. Hero 8
1978 C/19/78 Strain and strain-rate hardening effects on punch stretching of 5182-0 aluminum at elevated temperatures R.A. Ayres; M.L. Wenner (USA) 6
1978 C/20/78 Material properties controlling the strain distribution of sheet metal W. Muschenborn; H.M. Sonne (W. Germany) 9
1978 C/21/78 Influence of deformation path upon the change of plastic anisotropy during the forming of hot and cold rolled low carbon deep drawing sheet steel D. Grzesik; C.M. Vlad (W. Germany) 8
1978 C/22/78 Age-hardenable, low yield-high tensile strength sheet steels for automobiles M. Nishida; I. Takahashi; K. Hasiguchi; T. Kato; T. Tanaka ( 9
1978 C/23/78 Assessment of shape fixability and stretchability in CAPL dual phase steel sheets H. Takachi; M. Usuda (Japan) 9
1978 C/24/78 Influence de la structure de refroidissement des lingots sur le cordage des feuillards en acier ferritique au chrome du type AISI 430 J. Heritier (France) 13
1978 C/25/78 Influence of steel sheet topography on the deep drawing process C. Weidemann (Sweden) 7
1978 C/26/78 Present state of the CRM work related to surface analysis of cold-rolled steel sheets C.R.M. Liege (Belgium) 26
1978 C/27/78 The effects of ION implantation into mild steel sheets K. Yoshida; T. Stato; H. Hayashi; M. Iwaki; H. Ike (Japan) 7
1978 C/28/78 Galling behaviour and its tests in press forming of autobody parts The Japan Sheet Metal Forming Research Group 10
1978 C/29/78 Surface interactions during pressforming as simulated by the strip draw test K. Blumel (Germany) 5
1978 C/30/78 The role of lubrication in the forming of a cylindrical cup A. Ferron (France) 14
1978 C/31/78 Biaxial stress testing of ultra fine grain aluminum alloy sheet B.D. McLaughlan; J.L. Duncan (Canada) 8
1978 C/32/78 Prediction of punched surface stretch flangeability of punched surface steel sheets K. Matsudo; K. Osawa; M. Yoshida (Japan) 10
1978 C/33/78 Surface and galling characteristics of a series of high strength cold-rolled steels R.R. Hilsen; I.F. Hughes; D.T. Quinto 20
1978 C/34/78 The sheet metal forming process, 1958-1978 P.B. Mellor 25
1980 C/1/80 Twenty years of the IDDRG's history C. Crussard 10
1980 C/2/80 On physical meaning of the stress-strain relationship parameters in high strength polycrystalline metals W. Truszkowski 9
1980 C/3/80 HSLA steels. Characteristics for the utilization in forming processes R. Coutin; J.P. Doche; A. Ferron; J. Michel 11
1980 C/4/80 Factors determining the energy absorption of high strength steel K.W. Blumel; W. Muschenborn 12
1980 C/5/80 Problems of high strength steel sheets for autobody parts S. Sato; M. Shiokawa; T. Furubayashi; K. Yamazki 10
1980 C/6/80 Required properties of high strength steel sheets for autobody parts S. Sato; M. Shiokawa; T. Furubayahsi; K. Yamazaki 10
1980 C/7/80 Analysis of shap fixability in high tensile strength steel sheets in press forming Y. Umehara 10
1980 C/8/80 Study for the use of high strength steel sheet for autobody panels T. Asai; K. Sakai; K. Kato; A. Oohashi; M. Hirano 10
1980 C/9/80 Spot welding of high strength steel sheets for deep drawing J. Defourny; R. D'Haeyer; A. Bragard; J. Dawance; A. Mertens 14
1980 C/10/80 Properties of formed parts: flow and fracture behaviour after cold forming in HSLA steel sheets P.L. Charpentier; H. R. Piehler 12
1980 C/11/80 Effect of the inclusions content on damage generation during sheet metal forming of low carbon steel C. Souza-Nobrega; B. Fidelis Da Silva; G. Ferran; J.M. Jalin 10
1980 C/12/80 The development of thickness non-uniformities leading to failure in sheet metals P.F. Thomson; P.U. Nayak 10
1980 C/13/80 Different damage behaviours and their influence on forming process J.M. Jalinier; J.H. Schmitt; R. Argemi; J.L. Salsmann; B. Ba 14
1980 C/14/80 Calculation of the damage behaviour during stretch forming. Case of a cylindrical multipasses deep drawn box L. Felgeres 14
1980 C/15/80 Deep drawing of coil coated steel sheet Ch. Weidemann 10
1980 C/16/80 Behaviour of coated film in pressforming of surface treated steel sheet C. Sudoo; Y. Hayahsi; M. Nishihara 10
1980 C/17/80 Deep Drawing and ironing of steel sheet H. Khademy-Zadeh; H.T. Coupland; P.B. Mellor 9
1980 C/18/80 Forming of aluminum alloys for autobody components K. Lange; M. Blaich 10
1980 C/19/80 Formability of aluminum alloys for deep and stretch forming parts H.P. Falkenstein 7
1980 C/20/80 Plastic instability in stretchforming of AlZnMg alloys B. Anderson 5
1980 C/21/80 A fully annealed AlMGAn alloy, free of stretcher strain marks and of stress corrosion R. Akeret 6
1980 C/22/80 Factors influencing the forming limits of sheet metals H. Kleemola; J.O. Kumpulainen; A. Ranta-Eskola 10
1980 C/23/80 The formability of steel sheets ot moderately elevated temperatures N.K. Wong; B.H. Arkun; W.T. Roberts; D.V. Wilson 10
1980 C/24/80 Fittability of metal sheets in sheet metal forming K. Yoshida; K. Miyauchi; H. Hayashi; H. Ishigaki; T. Furubay 10
1980 C/25/80 High strength cold rolled low carbon steel sheets J.R. Newby; R.E. Hook; J.W. Young 17
1980 C/26/80 Dual Phase steels. Production and formability T.R. Thomson, R.M. Hobbs 10
1980 C/27/80 Formability of high strength cold rolled steel sheets with 400 Mpa tensile strength T. Shimomura; M. Yoshida; M. Sakoh; K. Matsudo 10
1980 C/28/80 Press formability of high strength cold rolled steel sheets K. Nakagawa; H. Abe 10
1980 C/29/80 Vacuum alloyed and decarburized HSLA steels (SH VAD). FLC obtained in industrial pressing of styled car wheel discs G. Arrigoni; M. Palladino; G. Volpato; S. Gubian 9
1980 C/30/80 Predictions of drawability limits, including the proneness to wrinkling. Actual experience of a mathematical model for deep-drawing C. Marique; R. D'Haeyer; J. Mignon; J. Gouzou; A. Bragard 11
1980 C/31/80 Calculation of the maximum drawing ratio obtainable in deep drawing without a blankholder J.O. Kumpulainen 10
1980 C/32/80 Force requirements in deep drawing of cylindrical shells A.S. Korhonen; M. Sulonen 10
1980 C/33/80 Theory of deep-drawing of square blanks and the numerical solution of the flange region B. Kaftanoglu; B. Kilkis 10
1980 C/34/80 Characterizing of the stretch behaviour of thin steel sheets D. Rault; M. Entringer 8
1980 C/35/80 Effect of loading path on the formability of sheet metals A. Ranta-Eskola 10
1980 C/36/80 Development and propagation of surface strain during forming of sheet steel panels I. Aoki; T. Horita 8
1980 C/37/80 Studies on the static dent resistance Y. Yutori; S. Nomura; I. Kokubo; H. Ishigaki 9
1980 C/38/80 Determination of forming limit curves by means of Marciniak punch J. Grontostajski; A. Dolny 9
1980 C/39/80 Testing adherence of coatings using limited dome height method A. Mertens; L. Renard; J.M. Sacre; Smet; Moerdijck 6
1980 C/40/80 Piercing and hole-flanging of sheet metals: a survey W. Johnson; S.K. Ghosh; S.R. Reid 22
1980 C/41/80 The properties and formability of aluminum-5% magnesium alloy clad with an austenitic stainless steel B.W. Murray; W.T. Roberts; D.V. Wilson 10
1980 C/42/80 The elevated temperature behaviour of some Al-Mg alloys M.J. Painter; R. Pearce 18
1980 C/43/80 Press-hardening. The influence of sheet metal and tool design on the production rate G. Berglund; K. Kallstrom; L. Melin 10
1982 C/1/82 The practice of weight reduction in autobodies using HS steels G. Arrigoni; E. Carli 13
1982 C/2/82 The use of HSLA steel sheets in two wheeled and three wheeled vehicles E. Bocalari; R. Daglio; W. Irmici; G. Montano 12
1982 C/3/82 High strength steel sheet. Application to the automobile industry. G. Lefevre; R. El Haik 17
1982 C/4/82 Material and energy can be saved by proper use of high strength steels J. Ribeca 10
1982 C/5/82 Metallurgical effects on the strain hardening of aluminum sheet forming H.P. Falkenstein; W. Gruhl; G. Scharf 11
1982 C/6/82 Surface roughening and strain inhomogeneities in aluminum sheet forming P.M.B. Rodrigues, R. Akeret 12
1982 C/7/82 Improved formability for medium strength aluminum alloys through microstructural control P.W. Beaver; B.A. Parker 12
1982 C/8/82 The stretch-formabilities of precipitation-hardening aluminum alloys at temperatures up to 500C G. L'Esperance; W.T. Roberts; M.H. Loretto; D.V. Wilson 11
1982 C/9/82 High strength cold-rolled steel sheet for automotive applications **THIS TRANSCRIPT IS NOT AVAILABLE N.A. Cantalejos; A. Hey 0
1982 C/10/82 The effect of microstructure and texture upon the mechanical properties of hot rolled dual phase steels C.M. Vlad; U. Feldman; H.J. Bunge 9
1982 C/11/82 The effect of strain induced martensite on the strength and formability of metastable austenitic stainless steel sheets R. Rintamaa; M. Sulonen 12
1982 C/12/82 Development of formable ultra high strength cold rolled steel sheet M. Takahashi; N. Nagao; K. Saiko; A. Okamoto 10
1982 C/13/82 The effect of punch surface roughness on the deep drawability of metals D. Spurgeon; A. Younger 12
1982 C/14/82 Production of surface textured work rolls by means of laser pulses J. Crahay; A. Bragard 12
1982 C/15/82 Comparison of strip drawing tests used for measuring surface interactions in press forming A. Ranta-Eskola; J. Kumpulainen; M. Sulonen 10
1982 C/16/82 Tribology & Die Design **TRANSCRIPT NOT AVAILABLE G. Ziaja; G. Krallics; G. Horvath 0
1982 C/17/82 New ways of improving the surface properties of metal forming tools A. Korhonen; E. Sirvio; H. Sundquist 8
1982 C/18/82 Frictional forces in press forming of laminated steel L.E. Melin; K.I. Nilsson 6
1982 C/19/82 Relation between surface morphology characteristics and gripping M. Zeiger; A. Beck-Schoenenberger 12
1982 C/20/82 Analysis of elastic recovery by means of the Yoshida buckling test J.M. Jalinier; H. Hayashi; O. Shibasaki; K. Yoshida 10
1982 C/21/82 Effect of mechanical properties on the growth of wrinkles in sheet metal forming I. Aoki; T. Matoba; M. Ataka 9
1982 C/22/82 Analysis of buckling and fitting behaviour in press forming of cold rolled steel sheets. H. Abe; T. Hira; T. Sasaki; K. Nakagawa 11
1982 C/23/82 A study of the removal technique for surface deflection Y. Ueno; N. Yoshihara; H. Ishigaki; N. Nakagawa 12
1982 C/24/82 Improvements in the dent resistance of large automotive panels J.L. White; G.E. Atkins 10
1982 C/25/82 Analysis of fitting behaviour and fittability in press forming of large-sized autobody panels H. Ishigaki; N. Nakagawa; K. Arima 12
1982 C/26/82 Quality evaluation method for pressformed parts made from steel sheet K.W. Blumel 9
1982 C/27/82 The denting behaviour of some sheet materials M.J. Painter; R. Pearce 12
1982 C/28/82 Formability problems and fatigue perfromance of HSS for wheel discs **TYPESCRIPT NOT AVAILABLE S. Corso; S. Gubian; M. Palladino 0
1982 C/29/82 Application of High Strength steel sheets for outer panels of autobodies P.M. Wollrab; H. Drecker 11
1982 C/30/82 Specific energy absorption and vehicle weight - Criteria for the use of high-strength steels in energy absorbing structures M. Rauser; U. Bez 10
1982 C/31/82 Improved energy absorption with high strength dual-phase steel sheets J.O. Sperle; H. Lundh 10
1982 C/32/82 Cyclic & monotonic mechanical performance of sheet steels after forming **TYPESCRIPT NOT AVAILABLE H.R. Piehler; P.L. Charpentier 0
1982 C/33/82 Development of steels for automobile wheels P.C. Makin; B.G. Wilson; J.G. Williams; J. Szalla; R.M. Hobb 10
1982 C/34/82 The use of aluminum body panels by Ferrari car models C. Federici; A. Catanzano; M. Conserva 14
1982 C/35/82 Structural applications for cold roll ultra high strength steels **TYPESCRIPT NOT AVAILABLE B.S. Levy 0
1982 C/36/82 Some aspects of HSCR sheets for autobodies U. Kalla et al 10
1982 C/37/82 Sheet metal forming in the automobile industry. Respective roles of the deformation capacity & sliding of the sheet metal on the forming tools Y. Deleon; J. Daigne; G. Lefevre; R. El Haik 11
1982 C/38/82 Forming properties of some aluminum alloys sheets for car-body use F. Gatto; D. Morri 21
1982 C/39/82 Application of aluminum alloy sheet to autobody parts M. Miyahara; Y. Yutori; S. Nomura; I. Kokubo 10
1984 C/1/84 Strain measurement over large areas of an industrial stamping E. Chu; R. Sowerby; R. Soldaat; J.L. Duncan 14
1984 C/2/84 Case studies using grid square strain analysis T.J. Nihill; W.R. Thorpe 11
1984 C/3/84 Substitution of a low carbon steel with a re-phosphorized variety for an automotive panel: the application of grid square strain analysis W.R. Thorpe; T.J. Nihill 12
1984 C/4/84 Study of surface deflection in door outer panel T. Shimomura; M. Yoshida 8
1984 C/5/84 A study of the growth mechanism and removal techniques of surface techniques of surface deflection observed in autobody outer panels T. Satoh; T. Amaike; Y. Tokunaga; H. Takizawa; S. Ujihara 8
1984 C/6/84 New forming method for avoiding geometrical defects of outer auto-body panels Y. Hayashi; M. Takatini 11
1984 C/7/84 Analysis and control of buckling behaviour due to elastic recovery in press forming K. Yoshida; H. Komorida; M. Usuda; H. Hayashi; H. Oikawa; T. 12
1984 C/8/84 Theoretical description of the effect of strain path on the FLD by using the new Hill's yield criteria **TYPESCRIPT NOT AVAILABLE J. Gronostajski 0
1984 C/9/84 Effect of sheet metal thickness on forming limits U.S. Rao; R.C. Chaturvedi 10
1984 C/10/84 Fluid forming of sheet metal in production F. Rydell; T. Johannisson; P.E. Nilsson-Jatko 11
1984 C/11/84 Assessment of behaviour of sheet metal during hydroforming H.M. Shang; F.S. Chau; C.J. Tay; S.L. Toh 12
1984 C/12/84 CAD/CAM/CAE for roll forming W.Y.D. Yuen 15
1984 C/13/84 Predicting the effect of die gap on flange spring back N.M. Wang 15
1984 C/14/84 Springback of complex bent parts M.L. Chakhari; J.M. Jalinier 12
1984 C/15/84 The effect of buckling due to residual stresses on springback measurements J.C. Gerdeen 6
1984 C/16/84 Modelling of sheet metal flow through a drawbead J.M. Yellup 12
1984 C/17/84 Computer aided design and deep drawing **TYPESCRIPT NOT AVAILABLE J. Triouleyre 0
1984 C/18/84 Development of high purity ferritic stainless steel with excellent stretchability K. Miyakusu; Y. Uematsu; K. Hoshino 12
1984 C/19/84 Characteristics of continuous-annealed steel sheets for automotive use S. Satoh; T. Obara; K. Hasiguchi; M. Nishida; T. Irie; N. Ur 12
1984 C/20/84 High Strength steel heet for automotive applications manufacturing properies and functional performance E.J. Drewes; W. Gorissen; H. Litzke; W. Muschenborn; J. Schm 11
1984 C/21/84 Formability of high strength hot-rolled steels for automobile suspension and reinforcement parts T. Takano; K. Abe; M. Usuda 12
1984 C/22/84 Shape accuracy and denting behaviour criteria for the selection of high strength steel sheet W. Muschenborn, O. Maid; K. Blumel; G. Hartmann; W. Bleck 11
1984 C/23/84 Formability and work-hardening in a strip cast AlMn(Mg) Alloy **TYPESCRIPT NOT AVAILABLE J. Tibbals 0
1984 C/24/84 Fine grained zinc alloy sheet with high strength good formability B.A. Parker; G.J. Geist 8
1984 C/25/84 Control of earing in Al-Mg alloys B. Anderson; S.E. Naess 10
1984 C/26/84 The deformation and fracture mechanism of dual phase steel sheets under biaxial stress combinations G. Pirvu 9