Hot Forming in the Automotive Industry

This book was originally written in German by the authors from Thyssen-Krupp Steel Europe AG. and was translated into English following the success of the German edition. In this book the substance and development of hot press forming is described with particular emphasis on the automotive industry. Finally, a future outlook of hot forming technology is also given.

Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming

In this book, the theory of engineering plasticity is applied to sheet metal forming processes. In this book, the theory of engineering plasticity is applied to sheet metal forming processes. Bending, stretching and drawing of simple shapes are analyzed and, where possible, the limits governing each process are identified. This is the first English text to gather together the mechanics of sheet metal forming in this manner, though it does, of course, draw on earlier work by Swift, Sachs, Fukui, Johnson, Mellor and Backofen.

Handbook of Ease or Difficulty in Press Forming

This handbook presents a compilation of the technologies and advancements that have been developed over the past 30 years in press forming technology.

Sheet Metal Forming

The author takes the format of the IDDRG Working Groups as the foundation on which to build his book. According to this principle the book contains three large chapters: 1. Materials: dealing mainly with sheet materials applied in sheet metal industry 2. Processes: analysing sheet metal forming processes mainly from the viewpoint of industrial technologists 3. Testing: summarizing the main tests applied in the field of sheet metal forming, as well as the tribological aspects of sheet forming

Advances in Metal Forming

This comprehensive book offers a clear account of the theory and applications of advanced metal forming and highlights the recent developments in metal forming technologies including formability analysis, mathematical modelling and case studies of individual processes.

Hot Stamping Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Lightweight Car Body

This book summarizes the advanced manufacturing technology of original innovations in hot stamping of lightweight car body. A detailed description of the technical system and basic knowledge of sheet metal forming is given, which helps readers quickly understand the relevant knowledge in the field. Emphasis has been placed on the independently developed hot stamping process and equipment, which help describe the theoretical and experimental research on key problems involving stress field, thermal field and phase transformation field in hot stamping process. Also, a description of the formability at elevated temperature and the numerical simulation algorithms for high strength steel hot stamping is given in combination with the experiments. Finally, the book presents some application cases of hot stamping technology such as the lightweight car body design using hot stamping components and gradient hardness components, and the cooling design of the stamping tool.

Physical Metallurgy for Engineers

Written by Prof. M. Tisza, this book should be a valuable reference for experienced metallurgists, mechanical engineers, and students seeking a practical technical introduction on metallurgy.

Introduction to Materials Sciences

This book is mainly intended for students in mechanical engineering, but it may also serve well for practising engineers as a practical technical introduction to materials science.

Formability: A review of parameters and processes that control, limit or enhance the formability of sheet metal

This book (written by Wilko C. Emmens a well known expert in sheet metal forming) is about sheet metal formability: the ability to be formed into a desired shape. It tries to answer the question: is formability a material property in the strict sense?